Tolebi — SBNZ

Текст песни Tolebi — SBNZ

What you trynna do?
I feel like…
It was all a dream, I mean still a dream
Fly high jump off that trampoline

Good kid making momma so proud of me
Success I’m just looking for the recipe
Good Lord, please give another chance to me
What’s wrong with being who you wanna be?

Don’t know if I be able to continue that trip
Still looking for the recipe but I can’t see
She counts on me, won’t count on rap
Her vision of reality is far from that

Make a living of it sounds like a deadly trap
Is it really what you wanna do, play these tracks?
Am I being egoistic, is it me who don’t listen?
Understand but still miss it

But what if I die end up being broke
Chasing my dreams and pleasing my soul
Average kid with average songs
Not enough will, don’t pretend to be strong

Got that bottles on me broken glass on the floor
Screaming voices down deep can’t take it no more
Where the fuck another pill shit I just don’t know
Fuck I’m ready for the kill one click and I’m gone

Seems like the problem solved
Seems like the underground is only place where you can be alone
I feel like all these different faces all around me staring at me wrong
Will you be thinking that I’m gone?

But I won’t be gone no, no

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