The Erised — Pray

Текст песни The Erised — Pray

I pray for you all the time
I just wanna know about this
Your eyes make me wanna smile
Now I know what real love is

And if you are depressed and down
Feel my open arms, I’ll save you from the sadness
I just wanna let you know
I am around, you’ll never gonna doubt this

I just wanna let you know
If you ever die, I’ll never come again alive
And if you ever feel this way
If you ever fail, I’ll never gonna turn away

I’ll never gonna turn away
The blessed time is when you are around
Your voice makes my head drunk about you
I care like no one in the world

I open all the doors for you
Full of the gratitude inside
For being in my life, baby
I give my body and my soul

I give to you my all

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