Текст песни Polo G — Zooted Freestyle

Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
I work the pack, I would never over the stove whippin’
I had to trap to make a way, this shit a cold business
Boy, if you conversate with rocks, might get a long sentence

Nina blowin’ kisses til it’s soul liftin’
My lil’ homie known for shootin’ like he Cole Bennett
Was just a shorty, after checks, was fuckin’ grown women
My life a movie, all these bitches wanna roll with me

The cloth I’m cut from was special, I wear my clothes different
Locked in the booth, say I’m the GOAT for how I’m killin’ tracks
Bitch, just be grateful if you got a chance to witness that
I fucked up the racks, went on road just to get it back

Starin’ in the mirror, still ain’t met nobody really as
That nigga lost his soul, I remember that
How you go on ten thousand drills, still ain’t no killer yet
Hidden weapon, if they deep then we got sticks for that

They gon’ have to outline his body like a silhouette
What you know bout watchin’ out for opps, sittin’ bullpin
Devil don’t care ’bout your innocence, you will get lured
I might have a bed made in Hell for these new sins

I can’t say I’m sorry ’bout some shit that I’m gon’ do again
We might pop out at your party, snuck them Rugers in
Uh, them Glocks hot when my shooters spin
Baby, we just set the tone, we don’t do the trends

I’m from where they try to make a livin’ off of two-for-ten
Yeah, bitch you know how we rock, rock, rock
Fuck with the gang, you get brutalized
Please don’t try to take my chain, boy, that’s suicide

Comin’ straight from the slumps where it’s do or die
Now how you gon’ survive? Ain’t nowhere you can hide
, hollows gon’ truely inspire
That glizzy’ll bust and leave his noodle fried

Is you with us or what? You better choose a side
Don’t sign up for this, if you ain’t ’bout it, this shit deadly
Goofies talkin’ ’bout that they outside, nigga, barely
I got way too faded, seein’ the reaper but he sparred me

From the slimy ass block where niggas real rarely
Bein’ broken and trusting snakes the only thing that scare me
If I hear that nigga gettin’ burried
VVS my pendent, this shit hittin’, check my clarity

God only made donations to my hood like a charity
I been reeking’ havoc, ’cause they never played it fairly


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