Текст песни Inexedra — Alive

I feel it deep within my chest
Paranoia and unrest
Creating a distance between our lives
Putting pressure on you and I

I know this feeling well
And the way it burns
Living my life as though
It’s what I deserve
Can’t even find it in you
To understand
This isn’t like me and this
Isn’t what I am

I feel it wearing on my brain
This constant struggle to attain
The reason’s too unclear to know
Flying even further down below

When it all comes down
And I’ve been displaced
The only thing I have is
The memory of your face
All at once I realize
What I need
All at once I realize
What you mean to me

We don’t know where this path will lead
As it vanishes in the skyline
In the end you’re the only thing
That’s keeping me alive
What lies beyond is a mystery
Veiled by the darkness of midnight
All I know is that you’re the only thing
That’s keeping me alive


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